Fifteen canines and their handlers to graduate from State Police Canine Handler Basic School

The New York State Police will conduct graduation exercises for its 2017 Canine Handler Basic School at the New York State Police Academy in Albany Friday; the 15 graduates include members from the State Police.

Trooper David A. Ziemba, Canine Arnie – Troop A
Trooper Jamie M. Gockel, Canine Lock – Troop C
Trooper Peter F. Bizjack, Canine Versa – Troop F
Trooper Christopher S. Alberts, Canine Cotter – Troop F
Trooper Thomas E. Lansing Jr., Canine Myer – Troop G
Trooper Scott M. Usmail, Canine Deejay – Troop H
Trooper Lewis E. Godfroy IV, Canine Graydon – Troop K
Trooper Sherron L. Jones, Canine Dillon – Troop T
Trooper Atiba M. Celestine, Canine Raya – Troop NYC
Trooper Don J. Kim, Canine Wheeler – Troop NYC
Trooper Joseph C. Leworthy, Canine Kenny – Troop NYC
Trooper Brady K. Ng, Canine Ria – Troop NYC
Trooper Michael M. Pappas, Canine Del – Troop NYC
Trooper James R. Redden, Canine Gleason – Troop NYC
Trooper Dermont A. Summers, Canine Theo – Troop NYC

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