September is Suicide Prevention Awareness Month

Sept. 10, 2017, is World Suicide Prevention Day. The theme this year is “Take a Minute, Change a Life”. September is also National Suicide Prevention Awareness Month, a time to promote awareness about suicide prevention, to learn how to help others, and to become aware of how to talk about suicide without increasing the risk of harm. BRiDGES, host of the Suicide Prevention Coalition of Madison County, will have candles lit in the windows each evening in September in recognition of suicide prevention awareness. BRiDGES is located on the top floor of the Chase Bank Building in downtown Oneida.
On World Suicide Prevention Day, September 10th, you are asked to light a candle near a window at 8 PM to show your support for suicide prevention, and to remember a lost loved one or other survivors of suicide. The International Association for Suicide Prevention asks you to join with others around the world who are working towards the common goal of preventing suicide. Check in on someone you may be concerned about and start a caring conversation with them; ask them how they are doing. Investigate ways of connecting with others who are trying to prevent suicide in your community, your country, or internationally.  Take a minute, change a life.
The Suicide Prevention Coalition meets regularly. New members are welcome. For more information, call Susan Jenkins at (315) 697-3947.

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