Adirondack Basketry wins award, featured in Martha Stewart Living Magazine December issue

Linda Scherz of Adirondack Basketry in Rome was presented an Award of Distinction at the Herkimer County Arts & Crafts Fair held November 11 & 12 at Herkimer Community College for her one of a kind basket, Passion II.

“I was surprised and honored to receive the award. There were many talented artists with beautiful work. When the jury committee presented me with the ribbon they said it (the basket) is truly a work of art. That made me smile.” said Linda Scherz.

The Arts & Crafts Fair is an annual fundraiser for the HCCC Foundation.

Adirondack Basketry’s Hiker Adirondack Pack Basket is in the December 2017 issue of Martha Stewart Living.  Linda was contacted by a MSL representative requesting to borrow a basket for a photo shoot.  The request lead to four baskets borrowed with the purchase of one.

“When I asked how they found me, they found my website and loved my baskets. I am honored that out of all the baskets out there they chose one of mine. It has been an exciting time anxiously waiting for the release of the magazine and to be able to announce it.” said Scherz. Linda designs and makes all the baskets herself, including the harnesses for the pack baskets. She also teaches classes in New York State as well as throughout the United States.

For more information on her classes, shows and events, visit her website or contact Linda at

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