American Heart Association pays tribute to dedicated volunteers

Carl Ciccarelli

American Heart Association pays tribute to dedicated volunteers

Awards ceremony recognizes community, including Volunteer of the Year

The American Heart Association/American Stroke Association honored 10 individuals and organizations at its annual Leadership Volunteer Awards Ceremony Thursday evening. All of the award recipients have played a crucial role in helping the American Heart Association toward its goal to improve the health of the Mohawk Valley.

These volunteers, companies and local leaders help emphasize that “life is why” we do our important work. One of the top awards include the Distinguished Service Award, given to Theresa Flemma. Flemma is the Director of Registration for America’s Greatest Heart Run & Walk, as well as regularly earning a spot as a top fundraiser.

The Heart Survivor of the Year was also honored during the ceremony. Heart survivor Rebecca Alford was diagnosed with a congenital heart defect 45 years ago. She spoke at the ceremony about the impact of American Heart Association funded research that helped science “catch up” to her condition.

The American Heart Association is also proud to honor Volunteer of the Year Carl Ciccarelli. This is Ciccarelli’s 30 th anniversary volunteers for the American Heart Association. Over the years, he has raised tens of thousands of dollars organizing fundraising events and selling hearts at the local American Legions. He also gathers local volunteers to help man water stations on the Heart Run & Walk course.

New American Heart Association Executive Director Tony Ceresoli thanked volunteers in attendance. “Without our volunteers, the work the American Heart Association does in our community would not be possible,” said Ceresoli. “We want to sincerely thank all of our volunteers for the hard work they do all year round.”

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