Congressional pilgrimage comes to Peterboro

Congressional pilgrimage comes to Peterboro

A Congressional Pilgrimage organized by the Faith and Politics Institute made its first stop at heritage sites in Peterboro. Congress Members Carolyn B. Maloney (D-NY) and Tom Reed (R-NY) joined the Faith and Politics Institute to host a first-ever pilgrimage exploring the confluence of two significant freedom movements with deep roots in New York state: the abolition movement and women’s suffrage.

The 2018 American Experience Pilgrimage took place July 20 through 22, with the group visiting Auburn, Peterboro, Seneca Falls, Canandaigua and Rochester.

“I am so glad that FPI took my suggestion of a western New York trip and made it a reality,” said Maloney. “There is so much history in this region and so many great figures who not only called New York home, but used it as their home base in the fight to end slavery and the fight for women’s right to vote.

“The trajectories of the anti-slavery and pro-suffrage movements diverged at times, but there were so many important ways in which these leaders found common ground and common purpose toward equality. We need more of that today. I am proud to have worked with Rep. Reed and FPI to host this historic trip and am energized to take the lessons we learned this weekend back to Washington.”

“This weekend allowed me to reflect, grow and take into account our history while simultaneously
encouraging me to think about bipartisan ways to make a true difference for the people in New York and our nation as a whole,” said Reed. “I would like to thank Rep. Maloney for joining me on this trip and FPI for coordinating this journey.”

“The Faith & Politics Institute’s pilgrimages bring members of Congress together outside of Washington, bridging divides of party affiliation, race, region and religion,” said Joan Mooney, president & CEO of the Faith Politics Institute. “Thank you to Representatives Maloney and Reed for leading our first-ever pilgrimage to western New York to reflect on our country’s defining social reform movements and explore how lessons learned over 150 years ago are still relevant today.”

Among the Pilgrimage visitors in Peterboro along with Representative Maloney were David Blight, Ph.D., (Professor of American History and Director of the Gilder Lehrman Center for the Study of Slavery, Resistance, and Abolition at Yale University), Deborah L. Hughes (President & CEO of the Susan B. Anthony Museum and House in Rochester) Kate Clifford Larson (author of Harriet Tubman; Bound for the Promised Land, and Joan Mooney, President and CEO of the Faith and Politics Institute in Washington, D.C.).

In Auburn and Peterboro on July 20, the group visited the National Abolition Hall of Fame an Museum, the Gerrit Smith Estate National Historic Landmark and the Harriet Tubman Estate and Seward House. In Seneca Falls and Canandaigua July 21, the group toured the Women’s Rights National Historical Park on the anniversary of the first Women’s Rights Convention held in Seneca Falls in 1848. And in Rochester July 22, participants visited the Susan B. Anthony Museum Carriage House and participated in a wreath-laying ceremony honoring Frederick Douglass and Susan B. Anthony (The Gazette 42-16 34th Ave., Long Island City, N.Y 8-1-18).

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