Utica Zoo marks one-year anniversary of digital sign unveiling

Utica Zoo marks one-year anniversary of digital sign unveiling

The Utica Zoo is celebrating the one-year anniversary of the unveiling of our digital sign sculpture at the base of Utica Zoo Way. On July 31, 2017, the Utica Zoo along with MetalLogix Design and Fabrication, Utica Area Chamber of Commerce, County Executive Anthony Picente, Benefactors Martha and Richard Widdicombe and numerous invited guests marked the official unveiling of the sculptural sign.

Numerous local businesses collaborated to bring Richard Widdicombe’s design concept to life. The sign was designed and fabricated in collaboration with artist Joel Grimaldi of MetalLogix, Richard Nadeau of Frankfort, Rig-All cranes were used to install the sculpture, Eversan Signs, Fiber Instrument Sales donated the fiberoptic cables, while Porta Cabling installed the cable between the sign and computer hub in our gift shop. Total Solutions continued their support of the Zoo’s IT infrastructure by making and managing the fiber connection.

Central New York Conservancy also donated landscaping and flowers. The City of Utica, as well as Utica Police Department, were integral in the process from approval of the sign design to traffic control during the sign installation.

The sign idea was spearheaded and fully funded by local philanthropists Martha and Richard Widdicombe.

“There is a new awareness of our Zoo, now that the great MetalLogix sculptural sign lights the way,” said Richard Widdicombe when asked about his thoughts on the sculptural sign one year later. “Eversan provides the ability to utilize new technology in dynamic changing visuals to the sign, allowing the Zoo to further impact the community.”

“The digital sign and work of art that encases it has been transformational for the Utica Zoo,” Utica Zoo Executive Director Andria Heath said. “It creates a sense of arrival equitable to those of large, metropolitan zoos but we can boast the small city intimacy of knowing the visionary donor, the amazing artist and all of the partners who brought the project to completion.”

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