LETTER: Supports Tenney

To the Editor:

In a weird kind of way, I get a kick out of seeing the hatred on Rep Tenney’s page.

I find it amazing because, while I’d never say anything approaching the level of vitriol or hatred freely spewed on her page, I can’t comment or post on her opponents page, I’ve been blocked despite having never chimed in.

We don’t need another Albany politician in DC, a politician that twice voted for Sheldon Silver to remain Assembly leader, despite knowing Silver had rather than punishing the offenders, used taxpayer money to silence victims, allowing a culture of harassment to boom.

Her opponent claims he took Silver down? he was about three years late to that party, yet he stood over the three year old roadkill, with Claudia’s tracks all over it, and said, “I did this”.

I asked the Democrat candidate how he felt about The Safe Act on a local radio show, he went on a 3-minute pro-second Amendment rant, complete with bragging about his “A” rating with the NRA and his “no” vote on the Safe Act. He now believes that the Safe Act is a great bill, he just didn’t have time to read it? His honesty has flexibility.

I don’t believe this Democrat  is any different than Gillibrand was, she too had a “I’m a moderate” platform, and is now one of the furthest left in the Senate. How about Conner Lamb, pro 2nd Amendment, pro tax cut till he won, now he too  looks to Pelosi before voting. The Democrats in Congress vote as a block, have no say in their votes, they fall in line, or they are cut from Pelosi’s Super Pac’s funding.

Claudia’s first month in Albany, she called for Silver to step down, her first week in DC, voted against the party, voting for Independent Ethics investigations. Claudia does what she says she’ll do, she’s been in politics for a seven years, her honesty unrefuted, how many can say that?

This is an important election, balance of the House lays on the line, do we want strong borders, tax cuts and a booming economy, or open borders, sluggish economy and more talk about this being the new norm?  A vote for Claudia is a vote to continue to build on our recent progress, a vote against her is a vote for Maxine Waters to Chair the Finance Committee, Rep Pelosi to get the gavel, and us to return to an over regulated, under performing, and sluggish economy, remember “the new norm”?

I don’t need a Representative that has to look over to Pelosi when deciding whether to clap or stand at a SoU address. I don’t need a rep that brushes sexual harassment under the rug, silencing victims and empowering abusers. I need a fighter, I need Claudia fighting for me. I proudly support Claudia Tenney to represent me in NY’s 22nd Congressional District.

Ed Hickey, Chairman City of Binghamton Republican Committee

By martha

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