Celebrating 100 years of women voting

Celebrating 100 years of women voting

Margaret Milman-Barris of Oneida and Nell Ziegler of Peterboro affix their “I voted” stickers – honoring one hundred years of a women’s right to vote in New York state – on the state historical marker for Elizabeth Smith Miller in Peterboro.

Across the street at the Gerrit Smith Estate, Miller’s cousin Elizabeth Cady spent her summers galvanizing her radical leadership for women’s suffrage, and meeting abolitionists such as Henry Brewster Stanton and fugitives such as Harriet Powel, about whom Possessing Harriet, a play written by Kyle Bass, had its debut in October at Syracuse Stage.

When they moved to Geneva, Miller and her daughter Ann Fitzhugh Miller organized a Political Equality Club, which became the largest in New York with 362 members. Miller and Stanton would be pleased with the sticker – and women voting.

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