Stirpe honored as champion of New York farmers

Stirpe honored as champion of New York farmers

Assemblyman Al Stirpe (D-Cicero) was recently named the 2018 Farm Family Advocate of the Year by NY FarmNet, an organization which helps local farmers and their families thrive by providing free, confidential consulting services.

“New York’s agricultural industry prospers because of our hardworking farmers and their families, and ensuring that they get the support they need to get ahead has always been one of my top priorities,” Stirpe said. “I’m committed to protecting farmers and their families in my district and across the state. My work is far from finished, but I am humbled to receive this honor.”

As a member of the Assembly Agriculture Committee, Stirpe has long been a tireless advocate for local farmers. He sponsored legislation to make transporting goods more affordable for farmers by cutting toll fees by 50 percent for farmers transporting their goods, and co-sponsored a bill that would create the Grown in New York campaign to increase awareness about the benefits of locally sourced food (A.10493, A.5204). In addition, he sponsored and helped pass a law lowering the licensing fee for small-scale producers by more than half (Ch. 400 of 2017).

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