Paying it forward at the library

Deb Guaneiri started offering ukulele classes at the Canastota Library last year after receiving a gift of a limited edition ukulele. She decided that offering the ukulele classes was a “pay it forward” expression for the gift of the ukulele. As the classes grew, Deb realized that there was so much more than could be accomplished. She could help the library purchase ukuleles to lend out to the community and help them purchase music stands and sheet music, as well.

So, in the spirit of “paying it forward” again, Deb donated a Fender Sunburst ukulele to the library to use as a raffle to raise funds for the ukulele program.

The beautiful three-color Sunburst Fender ukulele is valued at more than $300. The Uke has a flame maple top, mahogany back and sides, aged white neck and body finding, t-bucket pinstriped rosette and an elegant three color Sunburst gloss finish. Raffle tickets were available at the library beginning in October.

The day the raffle was set up at the library, patron Tom Jivoff, a retired teacher, was drawn into a conversation with a young patron, Cara Vile. Cara and Tom share a love of music and were admiring the ukulele on display. On a whim, Tom decided to purchase a ticket for the ukulele and he told Cara that if his ticket was drawn, she would have a brand new beautiful ukulele to learn how to play. Little did Tom know that he was also “paying it forward.”

On Dec. 18 at 7 p.m., the library’s ukulele players joined together with patrons to sing carols and enjoy the Canastota Library’s Holiday Open House. When the ticket for the Fender ukulele was drawn, it was Tom Jivoff’s ticket; Cara was going to be the proud owner of a new musical instrument.

At a special ceremony at the library days later, Tom Jivoff and Deb Guaneiri presented Cara with her new ukulele. Deb taught Cara a few chords and soon she was playing with Sue on her ukulele. Now Cara can “pay it forward” by sharing her love of music with her friends and family. Cara will be at the library for upcoming ukulele classes Saturdays Jan. 12 and 26.

The ukulele sessions are open to anyone with an interest in learning how to play this interesting musical instrument. There are several ukuleles that may be borrowed with your library card while taking initial classes to see if you’d like to continue. For more information, contact the library at 315.697.7030.

The library is located at 102 W. Center St., Canastota, and has been offering services to the community since 1896. The library is a place of community pride and service.

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