To the Editor:

Why would a Senate majority leader block a possible veto-proof Congress from opening the government?

The 800,000 people who are struggling without paychecks must be asking the same question.

In my opinion, the unrealistic border wall myth is a distraction from what many of us suspect: that some Republican members of Congress, some in Fox News and conservative radio talk hosts and the leader of the free world may have hands in the Russian cookie jar.

About 800,000 people in the federal government are not receiving paychecks because of Trump’s shutdown – the one he bragged about and took responsibility for on national television. It is my notion this shutdown could end if the Senate majority leader let the Senate vote for a bill passed in the House and sent to the Senate to open the government.

Instead, Mitch McConnell is blocking the Senate from voting on a bill once passed by Republicans in the Senate. This is basically one leg in the legislative body (Senate) protecting the executive branch from accountability.

Mitch McConnell was part of the eight Republicans who blocked votes to reinsert lifted sanctions on a Russian oligarch’s firms; are their hands in the Russian cookie jar like Trump’s?

Alfred Waddell, Marstons Mills, Mass.

By martha

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