State police launch investigation into Binghamton school incident

State police have launched an investigation, directed by Gov. Andrew Cuomo, into allegations that four 12-year-old female students were strip-searched by staff at East Middle School in Binghamton Jan. 15, 2019.

“Given the severity of the allegations and the unrest they are causing in the community, state police will thoroughly investigate this incident in consultation with local authorities,” said Acting State Police Superintendent Keith M. Corlett.

The state police team assigned to the case includes an investigator who is specially trained in interview techniques designed to assist victims in recalling details of traumatic incidents, as well as a second investigator with training and experience in dealing with child victims. The state police investigation will be overseen by a lieutenant from the Troop C Bureau of Criminal Investigation.

Members assigned to this case will work in consultation with the Binghamton Police Department and Broome County District Attorney.

On Jan. 30, Cuomo directed state police to launch an investigation and called on the state Education Department to investigate allegations that 12-year-old girls were strip-searched for drugs at East Middle School in Binghamton.

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