Shoes for admission: the perfect pair

The Great Swamp Conservancy of Canastota has collected 17 bags (25 pairs in each bag) of gently worn, used and new shoes for a major fundraiser that will provide funds for GSC environmental programming and in turn, will help support families in developing nations to start micro enterprises (mini businesses) that will create a sustainable income for families to be used for food, shelter and education.

By donating you will also redirect your shoes to avoid filling our landfills and keep repurposing, recycling and reusing as a priority. An estimated 600 million pairs of shoes go into America’s landfills. The majority of these shoes can still be worn.

GSC’s Winter Hibernation Festival will allow free admission into the Festival Feb. 16 if EACH adult and child brings in five pair of gently worn used or new shoes. Help this organization meet its goal of collecting 2,500 pairs of boots, sandals, high heels, slippers/soles by March 15.

With many people doing a small thing, we can achieve great results. No matter how many you are able to bring, every pair counts. Drop off stations are Canastota, Chittenango, Sherrill and Bridgeport libraries, Oneida and Fayetteville YMCAs and the Great Swamp Conservancy. For more information, call 315.697.2950.

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