Response to Rebuttal

To the Editor:

(DeRuyter, NY – Dec. 2012) The following is my response to the DeRuyter supervisor’s rebuttal calling my concerns extreme regarding the integrity of town officials. After nine months of town board meetings, this very important issue of hydrofracking was brought up by me 90 percent of the time. One would think with […]

Supervisor Responds to Recent Criticisms

(Town of DeRuyter, NY – Nov. 2012) Recently, the Town Board became the target of serious criticism by one individual in an editorial. Although this individual’s heart is in the right place, the criticisms have become more extreme as the integrity of town officials and the legal advice of the town attorney have been called […]

County Work Group Hosts Natural Gas Information Exchange


Pictured from left are natural gas information exchange panel members Supervisor Roger D. Bradstreet (D – Nelson), chairman of the Madison County Natural Gas Development Working Group; Supervisor Darrin P. Ball (R – Lincoln), Madison County Farm Bureau President Darrell Griff; Madison County Soil & Water Conservation District Manager Steve Lorraine; EmKey Resources […]

County Gas Committee to Host Information Exchange

Public Event Scheduled for May 30 at 6:30 p.m. in Madison

(Town of Madison, NY – May 30, 2012) The Madison County Natural Gas Development Working Group will host a public information exchange Wednesday, May 30, at 6:30 p..m. at Madison Central School. The evening will feature introductions by Chairman Roger D. Bradstreet (D – […]

Chairman Warns Landowners against Entering Real Estate Contracts without Legal Counsel

(Wampsville, NY – March 28, 2012) Madison County Board of Supervisors Chairman John M. Becker (R,C,I – Sullivan) issued a new warning to Madison County property owners considering signing any legal documents that may affect any aspect of their property rights.

The warning came in light of a new tactic by land agents – the […]

Speaker Tells Cazenovia Audience He’s Seen Impacts from Drilling, but not Hydraulic Fracturing

By Martha E. Conway

(Cazenovia, NY – March 20, 2012) After navigating the good and the bad of natural gas development in his Pennsylvania home, Bradford County Conservation District Manager Michael Lovegreen said he would hazard the opinion most residents there most likely would do it again.

He told the standing-room-only crowd that Bradford County […]

Supports Drilling Bans and Moratoriums

To the Editor:

(Canastota, NY – Feb. 2012) Town supervisors are important to a community; town boards can adopt local laws against [hydraulic fracturing]. Elected officials are able to utilize the services of the Environmental Defense Council, which offers free resources to help municipalities set up moratoriums and bans.

Our state Constitution grants local governments […]