Supports Mills for Hamilton Supervisor

To the Editor:

(Town of Hamilton, NY – Oct. 2011) It is my strong opinion that the town of Hamilton has to return to commonsense government. This requires leaders who follow fiscally responsible tax and spending policies and are accountable to the town residents.

The town is facing several key issues that will have a […]

Town of Hamilton Residents Protest at Farmers’ Market Opening


A resident of the Town of Hamilton holds a sign for Mike Hotaling’s father.

Sharon Risley and Karen Hotaling, two Town of Hamilton residents angry with their revaluations.

Town of Hamilton resident Joe Koen finds meaning in Joni Miller’s 1968 song “Urge for Going.”

State Sen. David J. Valesky (D […]

Hamilton Town Council to Meet Monday

Crowd: Maxwell Didn’t do its Job Board Pulls Invoice, Schedules Special Meeting Martha E. Conway

(Hamilton – April 14, 2011) The Hamilton Town Council decided to reconvene its regular meeting Thursday evening after hosting a public comment session on revaluations that drew more than 140 people.

The board voted unanimously, after listening to the questions […]