What’s the Rush?


Think Local

By Chris Hoffman

(Sherburne, NY – Jan. 2012) In November 2011, Clean Technica reported that a company called HyperSolar had filed a patent application for a breakthrough technology that creates renewable natural gas from sunlight, water and carbon dioxide.

HyperSolar’s press release stated that this renewable natural gas is a clean, […]

OPL to host Talk on Hydrofracking Jan. 21

(Oneida, NY – Jan. 2012) As New York State comes closer to permitting hydrofracking, Toshio Hance of the Sierra Club comes to the Oneida Public Library on Saturday Jan. 21 at 1 p.m. to present “Gasland: The Facts about Hydrofracking” to residents of a county likely to be adversely affected by this controversial method of […]

Hydraulic Fracturing Not the Solution to Climate Change

To the Editor:

(Canastota, NY – Jan. 2012) A recent Cornell University study found natural gas may be worse than coal for greenhouse effect. Shale gas extraction will make the greenhouse gas problem worse, due to methane leaking or venting from wells, and also during processing and transportation.

It will deplete and contaminate our fresh […]