Expects Nelson to be More Responsive than Sullivan

To the Editor:

(Erieville, NY – Oct. 2012) In your Sept. 19 article, “Anti-Drilling Contingent Returns,” Sullivan Supervisor John Becker is quoted as saying, ‘We are watching these other towns as they do all the work, and they could have a stack of documentation this high [holding hands about 18 inches apart], and the state […]

One Justice for Nelson

By Margo Frink

(Town of Nelson, NY- Aug. 2012) The Nelson Town Board held a special meeting Aug. 30 at 2:30 p.m. to pass a resolution reducing the number of town justices from two to one.

Former town Justice Roger Bradstreet resigned from the position Oct. 1 of 2009 in order to assume the office […]

Parking an Issue by Blue Canoe

By Margo Frink

(Town of Nelson, NY – Feb. 2012) Two separate situations on N. Lake Road were topics at the Nelson Town Board meeting Feb. 9.

The first was an issue with patrons of the Blue Canoe restaurant parking on both sides of N. Lake Road, which could present a problem for emergency vehicles […]