Supports Cooper for Trustee

To the Editor:

(Hamilton, NY – June 2012) Last year, I wrote in support of Sam Cooper for village trustee. At that time, I wrote ‘We need trustees who have a proven record for maintaining the public’s trust, experience with budgets and understand taxes and how to expand a tax base. We must elect trustees […]

Supports Cooper in Hamilton

To the Editor:

(Hamilton, NY – June 2012) A year ago, I wrote a letter supporting Sam Cooper for his first attempt to become a village trustee. I wrote that his work in four out-of-town school districts was the reason why he had limited involvement in local activities. I described how his responsibilities for operating […]

Seeks Seat on Hamilton Board of Trustees

To the Editor:

(Hamilton, NY) I am announcing my candidacy for election as village trustee. I look forward in the next six weeks of the campaign to many opportunities to further learn and share what together we see as short- and long-term plans for the future of the village.

My decision to run is based […]