Gretchen Scott is pictured in her Jupiter, Fla., store.
Gretchen Scott is pictured in her Jupiter, Fla., store.

Watertown native, textile and clothing designer Gretchen Scott, recently donated over a thousand items of clothing from her collection to the Children’s Home of Jefferson County. The unique, brightly colored pieces were distributed to CHJC’s clientele including children and adults, in the agency’s more than 20 programs focused on strengthening families, providing safe havens for at-risk children, and mental and behavioral health.

Gretchen is following the philanthropic example set by her parents, late Watertown Pediatrician, Dr. George and Mrs. Helen Sturtz. The couple was involved extensively with the support of several local area nonprofits and charitable initiatives.

Gretchen’s mantra is “Laugh More; Gripe Less; Ignore Critics; Say Yes; Order Dessert; Love Life.” She has traveled the world “looking and hoping always to see – really see.”She is convinced

She is convinced that is what makes for great design, “knowledge of what exists, along with a wide open view of it – coupled with the ability to interpret it cleverly.”

Gretchen sells to more than 1,000 retail outlets and has five of her own signature stores located in Naples and Jupiter, Florida; Edgartown and Nantucket, Massachusetts; and Southampton – Long Island.

Gretchen lives in Bronxville with her husband, a cat, a dog and many birds. A zoo-lover, she created a tiny one for herself. More information about Gretchen’s collection may be found on her website at

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