SUNY Oneonta recently recognized students who have attained silver level leadership milestones through the college’s Leadership Education and Development program.

Among them were Sierra Gold of Sherburne, an English and environmental sustainability major; and Thaddeus Karaman of Sherburne, a business economics major, with a concentration in finance.

LEAD@Oneonta is a comprehensive leadership program based on current research and guidelines from the Council for the Advancement of Standards in Higher Education. All students can choose to participate in the LEAD program, which aims to better prepare them for life after college by providing a comprehensive picture of leadership and the skills needed to be good leaders.

Students can attain a silver, gold or platinum level. To attain each level, students must meet a mix of programmatic and experiential leadership requirements, including completion of online courses, attendance at educational events and membership and leadership in one or more of SUNY Oneonta’s 100-plus student-run clubs and organizations.

Completion of a leadership level is recognized on campus as a credential that can be used, for example, when running for office or applying for Student Travel for Excellence Program funding. The program also provides students with a leadership record that can be submitted to potential employers.

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