Peterboro Ornithon Turns 150

The front the Ornithon, or Bird House, that Greene Smith built in Peterboro in 1863. In recognition of the 150th anniversary of the unusual building, Norman K. Dann will present a program on Smith and his private bird museum at 2 p.m. Sunday, May 26, 2013 at the site of the Bird House on the […]

Benefit for Soule to be held April 7

Former Morrisville resident diagnosed with IPF

(Smithfield, NY – March 2013) There will be a benefit to help out Sandy (Burleigh) Soule and her family with the expenses that are mounting for her upcoming lung transplant at the Cleveland Clinic in Ohio.

There will be a baked ziti dinner held April 7 from noon to […]

Farmer, Supervisor, Contractor Celebrates Year at Hamilton Airport

By Dyann Nashton

(Smithfield, Hamilton, NY – Nov. 2012) The 1960s were what Rick Bargabos calls “The Golden Age of General Aviation.” It was then that he recalls riding along in his parents’ single-engine Piper Cherokee while his mother, Betty, was learning to fly. She was taking lessons from Jim Hertel, a local flight instructor […]

Black Heritage Celebrated


Dr. Milton C. Sernett and Scott Hughes, creators of the NAHOF Traveling Abolition Museum, discuss the outreach exhibit with Dr. Carolyn Howe, Worcester, Mass., Women’s History Project in front of one of the installed walls of the mobile exhibit telling the history of American Abolition from the Colonial Period to the Civil War.