Claudia Tenney Endorsed by Congressman Chris Collins

Screen-Shot-2014-06-19-at-11.51.02-PM-e1403236193818Claudia Tenney, candidate for Congress in the 22nd Congressional District of New York, accepted the endorsement of Congressman Chris Collins (NY-27) at the annual Broome County Republican Committee dinner.
“I am honored to accept the endorsement of Congressman Chris Collins, here in Broome County tonight. As business owners, both Congressman Collins and I have had similar experiences, leading us to be strong voices for upstate New York workers. Broome County, especially the Binghamton area, has one of the slowest job growth rates in the country. In Congress, I will work with members like Congressman Collins to fix our economy, grow jobs by cutting taxes and burdensome regulations and stop bad trade deals that have driven jobs out of our state,” said Claudia Tenney.
Congressman Chris Collins said, “Claudia Tenney will fight for the American worker, and she’ll fight to keep jobs here in New York. The 22nd District needs a leader in Congress like Claudia with the experience and determination to bring manufacturing jobs back to our country. Claudia understands that American workers, when given an even playing field, can produce the highest quality products in the world.”

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  • Mike Oot

    So, Chris Collins is one of Trumps top supporters nationally and gave a rousing speech on Trump’s behalf to the New York Delegation back in January.

    Even though Claudia supports Trump. I suppose he has forgotten that Claudia is a legislator and that in his speech promoting Trump, This happened,” We cannot afford another legislator leading this country,” Collins said in a rousing speech that won him a standing ovation from the crowd of several hundred New York delegates and GOP mainstays. “We need a chief executive, not another politician.”

    So, take THAT Claudia, what he is saying is that this nation needs leaders just like Kim Myers in Washington, not legislators and I agree!

    Let’s all agree with Chris and put our support behind Kim Myers for Congress!

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