Wedding bells ring at The Grand Rehabilitation and Nursing, Rome

Pictured from left are Betty Tornatore (mother of the bride, resident at The Grand Rehabilitation and Nursing at Rome), Lisa Tornatore (bride) , Dan (groom) and Tony Tornatore (father of the bride, resident at The Grand Rehabilitation and Nursing at Rome).

It was the event of a lifetime at The Grand Rehabilitation and Nursing at Rome as a pair of Grand guests celebrated their daughter’s wedding.

Betty and Tony Tornatore were unable to be with their daughter Lisa when she got married last month in Massachusetts, so Lisa and her husband Dan donned their wedding finery once again for a second celebration at The Grand on Sunday, Nov. 19. It was a true family affair as Dan and Lisa, the youngest of the Tornatores’ nine children, exchanged vows at The Grand and were married by Lisa’s brother Michael.

While Dan and Lisa both live in Massachusetts, Lisa insisted they should would find a way for her parents to attend her wedding, despite the distance.

“I told my father, Dad, I am going to be getting married and one way or another, you are going to be there,” said Lisa.

The mood was festive at The Grand with family members and guests enjoying lively music, Italian cuisine and a delicious wedding cake. But it was Lisa’s bouquet that stole the show, made from an assortment of brooches that Betty, who had worked as a jeweler, had collected over the years. Betty has been at The Grand since 2015 with Tony joining her one year later; both are extremely well-loved and everyone was excited to share this special moment with them.

Lisa Tornatore and Dan exchange vows, Michael (brother of the bride, officiate of wedding).

“We work hard to make sure that everyone at The Grand feels like they are part of the family,” said Kristen Spohr-Fulmer, administrator. “We were so honored to be able to share this milestone event with Betty and Tony and felt like honorary Tornatones as we celebrated Lisa and Dan’s wedding.”

Having enjoyed Lisa’s wedding at The Grand, Betty, who is 78, and Tony, who is 89, are looking forward to their next Grand celebration: their upcoming 39th wedding anniversary Dec. 2.

“Betty and Tony are truly wonderful people,” said Leigh Nicholas, director of recreation. “It was a privilege to share Lisa’s wedding with them and we look forward to enjoying many more joyous occasions with them in the future.”

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