The Madison County Department of Solid Waste celebrated Earth Day at their Buyea Road residential station Saturday, April 27. During the event, the Department of Solid Waste launched its new recycling campaign, ‘Rethink Waste in Madison County.’

The campaign includes new user-friendly materials such as guides, magnets and a new website that highlight the current recycling program and help residents ‘Rethink Waste in Madison County.’

During the event, updated recycling guides and magnets were given to residents as a reminder of what can and cannot go in their recycling bin.

“The recycling markets have changed, and we are working with our partners to ensure that we are collecting material that can be recycled,” said Amy Miller, director of the Department of Solid Waste.

Madison County is not the only solid waste department to update its program in response to the fluctuating recycling markets. Other communities have also moved away from using messaging that uses the plastic resin numbers and now encourages residents to focus on shape instead.

Residents who attended the Earth Day event were able to tour the recycling center where they saw firsthand how the recyclables are sorted then baled and sent to their partners. They also witnessed the impacts of “wishcycling,” the action of placing non-recyclable materials in the recycling bin in the hopes of it getting recycled. To help clarify what items can be recycled, the Department of Solid Waste launched a reorganized website with a new search tool feature.

Residents can visit and then type an item into the search bar to find out how to properly dispose or recycle it. In addition, residents can use the search tool to look up facility hours, upcoming collection events and request a tour or presentation.

“Earth Day was the perfect opportunity to launch our new campaign. and we hope our residents continue to ‘Rethink Waste in Madison County,’” said Kristin Welch, recycling coordinator for the Madison County Department of Solid Waste.

“Educating our residents about the proper way to recycle once again shows that Madison County is on the forefront and leading the charge for our future,” said Madison County Chairman John M. Becker. “The Board of Supervisors applauds the Solid Waste Department for their hard work to ‘Rethink Waste in Madison County.’”

For more information, visit or visit their Facebook page at Madison County Solid Waste & Recycling.

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