Brindisi Calls on Cable Company to End Blackouts on Behalf of Local Consumers

Rep. Anthony Brindisi

Thousands of New Yorkers left without critical access to local FOX, ABC, and NBC stations

Congressman Anthony Brindisi called on cable giant AT&T to negotiate in good faith with local broadcasters to continue to deliver local programming to their viewers. As thousands of Upstate New Yorkers lost access to their local television station this weekend, Brindisi went to bat for the local viewers.

“Local television provides critical programming for folks all across our district,” Brindisi said. “These blackouts are a public safety issue. Many New Yorkers use local television to find out about breaking news, traffic accidents and important weather events. These blackouts need to end.”

Brindisi sent a letter to local broadcasters and DirecTV’s parent company, AT&T, expressing his frustrations with the blackouts and the lack of progress in negotiations.

Over the Fourth of July holiday, AT&T’s DirecTV stopped carrying WFXV, WPNY, WUTR, WIVT, WGBH and WSYR. These stations continue to be blacked out for viewers on DirecTV.

Brindisi’s entire letter to both parties can be viewed HERE.

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