Senator May urges public input on Medicaid redesign process

Senator Rachel May

New Yorkers concerned about potential cuts to the state’s Medicaid program have an opportunity to offer input via an online survey launched this week by the state’s Medicaid Redesign Team II. The team, appointed by Governor Andrew Cuomo and comprising of health care experts, stakeholders and legislative representatives, is tasked over the next month with developing recommendations to achieve $2.5 billion in savings to the critical health program.

Senator Rachel May (D-Onondaga, Madison, Oneida), chair of the Senate Committee on Aging, urges all who have a stake in the program’s viability to weigh in with suggestions or concerns about cuts to the public health care program.

“Medicaid serves as an important safety net for more than 6 million New Yorkers who otherwise would lack access to vital health care,” said May. “And while there is a real need to assure the sustainability of this program for the long term, we also want to make sure that we do not place the burden of cuts on the backs of vulnerable citizens who rely on this program, those who provide needed services, or the local governments who administer those services.”

Those wishing to offer feedback must do so promptly, as surveys are due by Feb. 21, 2020. At its first public meeting this week, the Medicaid Redesign Team also noted plans to schedule three regional public comment days.

The team’s final report and recommendations are due by the end of March for consideration in the 2021 state budget.

To access the online survey, go to the state Department of Health’s Medicaid Redesign Team II dedicated website at

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