Elizabeth Shephard of Cazenovia was one of seven student presenting at the 2020 Obler Summer Research Program’s student research mini-conference at Elmira College. Shephard’s presentation was on The 9-1-1 DNA Repair Complex and the Structure and Interactions of the RAD9 Subunit.

This year, given the challenges due to COVID-19, summer research was performed online, with one-on-one virtual meetings between students and faculty mentors, Friday research progress meetings and Tuesday meetings to discuss such topics as the research process, careers in research, what to expect in graduate school and research communication.

At the end of the one month program, students wrote an abstract and presented a 20-minute oral presentation on their research findings.

Faculty mentors included Dr. Adam Giambrone, assistant professor of mathematics; Dr. Joseph Kolacinski, associate professor of mathematics; and Dr. Amy Lyndaker, assistant professor of biology.

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