The sixth annual Friends of Rogers Wild Goose Chase 5k Trail Run/Walk was held at Rogers Center Sept. 18, 2021. Participants braved the trails and mosquitos on a beautiful day at Rogers Center.

Pictured from left are Wild Goose Chase 2021 medal winners Simon Solomon, executive director; Andrea Merrell, first-place female 18-98; Mark Merrell, first-place male 18-98; Chris Babcock, second-place male 18-98; Rebecca Hargrave, second-place female 18-98; Crystal Mumbulo, third-place female 18-98; Michael Ford, third-place male 18-98; and Katie McLaughlin, educator, as the Canada Goose.

The medal winners are as follows:

  • Male 18-98 years old: First-place: Mark Merrell, 32, time 29:16.5; second-place: Chris Babcock, 48, time 29:18.5; third-place: Michael Ford, 58, time 33:13.8.
  • Female 18-98 years old: First-place: Andrea Merrell, 33, time 30:06.7, second-place: Rebecca Hargrave, 43, time 33:24.0, third-place: Crystal Mumbulo, 34, time 40:45.2.
  • Male 7-17 years old: First-place: Josh Larchar, 17, time 24:16.9, second-place: Clark Vischi, 13, time 35:37.2, third-place: Isaac Larchar, 11, time 35:40.2.
  • Female 7-17 years old: First-place: Lydia Larchar, 13, time 31:06.7, second-place: Tala Moutarde, 7, time 36:43.1, third-place: Zahra Moutarde, 9, time 40:45.2. Congratulations to all the winners and finishers!

Thank you for your support of Rogers Center; we hope to see you next year for the seventh annual Wild Goose Chase 5k.

Rogers Center is operated by Friends of Rogers Environmental Education Center, Inc., a nonprofit organization that offers educational programs for people of all ages. Trails are open dawn to dusk daily, and the restrooms are open daily from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. The Visitor Center remains temporarily closed at this time.

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