Sculpture Space announced its Gates Street facility was vandalized early Sunday, Aug. 28, 2022.

“Although this tragedy is a severe setback to Sculpture Space, especially on the cusp of our annual CHAIRity Art Auction and Launch Party, the Board and leadership are determined to move forward with the important launch and auction event at 5 p.m. Sept. 24,” said Executive Director Tom Montan.

In addition to the regular giving and auction choices available on its CHAIRity website, Sculpture Space has just posted a new giving option for an Emergency Vandalism Recovery Fund at

Because of the devastation, Sculpture Space is asking all who can afford to do so to give to this new fund as soon as possible to help insure it is fully operational by the CHAIRity launch party.

The vandals used paint, torches, sledge hammers and other studio items and tools to violently destroy several areas and objects. While the full extent of the damage, debris and theft has not been cataloged, some examples of this violent vandalism include:

  • All windows, interior and exterior, have been smashed
  • The entire office along with accompanying communication and computer technologies, important archival documents and information, and furniture have been severely damaged and destroyed
  • The entire kitchen, kitchenware, and equipment were smashed and spread throughout the studio area
  • The bathrooms and hallway were flooded and damaged
  • Several donated art pieces for CHAIRity have been partially damaged or completely destroyed
  • Furniture and storage units throughout were destroyed or rendered useless
  • Camera and video technologies have been smashed and destroyed
  • Lighting was busted or smashed
  • Multiple bicycles for use by artists-in-residence were stolen

“We are deeply thankful for the efforts and assistance of the Utica Police Department and several community members during this difficult and heart wrenching time,” Montan said. “We will continue to update the community as we work through this devastation and recovery. We thank our amazing and generous supporters for your compassion and care – art prevails.”

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