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By Jennifer McGohanJennifer McGohan

(Wampsville, NY – Jan. 2013) We are only half way through the flu season and it has already been a stronger flu season than we’ve seen over the past few years.  Those especially hard hit have been older adults. More than half of those hospitalized with the flu in New York state have been age 65 or older.

Although the flu viruses affecting us this year are not “new” ones, it is important for everyone, even healthy people, to get vaccinated.

No one wants to be “Typhoid Mary” at work, responsible for getting everyone else sick. No one wants to be around the person hacking around the break room and coffee pot. (Yeah, everyone noticed you did not cough into your elbow.) Even if you are healthy enough to fight the flu if you get it, you could pass it on to someone who cannot – like a baby, grandparent or someone who is already in poor health.

Act now; it is not too late. A number of places still have flu vaccine: your doctor, your pharmacist or your local health department.

Madison County Health Department offers the flu vaccine for children and adults at regular clinics. Make the decision to get the flu vaccination for you and your family; call 315.366.2848 or visit to make an appointment today.

Jennifer McGohan is Public Health Educator for the Madison County Department of Health. She can be reached at

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