Regular Meeting:

Thursday, March 14, 2013

7:00 p.m. – Library/Media Classroom




ITEM 1:           CALL TO ORDER: By: _______ Time: ______ p.m.

Pledge to Flag


ITEM 2.           Consent Agenda: Minutes, Warrants, Budget Status Report


ITEM 3.           Communications, Reports, Announcements

A.        Additions/Amendments to the Agenda


B.         Communication of the Board President


C.         Communication of the Superintendent:


D.        Communication of the Principal/Elementary Team Leader:


E.         Communication of the District Clerk:


F.         Communication of the Business Manager

ITEM 4.           Resident Participation


ITEM 5.           Old Business:


A.        Policy – 2nd Reading – Smoking and Tobacco Use Policy


ITEM 6.           New Business


A.        Approval for Rental of Facilities


B.         Approval of – Agreement – Classroom Space for Driver Education


C.         Approval of Election Inspectors


D.        Approval of Notice of Annual Meeting, Budget and Election


E.         Approval of Senior Class Trip

ITEM 7.           Adjournment



Next Board of Education Meeting: March 28, 2013…(Thursday)

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