Mann Seeks Third Term

To the Editor:

(Cazenovia, NY – May 2013) I am honored to announce my candidacy for a third term on the Cazenovia Village Board in the June 18 election.

It has been a busy four years.  I have worn many Commissioner hats, including Parks, Youth Recreation, Trees, and Police.  I have sat on the Lake Watershed Council and the Carpenter’s Barn Restoration Committee, and currently serve as Deputy Mayor.

As I look at where we are now compared to where we were in 2009 when I was first elected, I am amazed at all we have accomplished.  These four years have been transition years; transition to a new Comprehensive Plan and new zoning, a new Mayor, a new Police Chief, new proactive management of our infrastructure and trees, new lake health efforts, and a new tax cap.  Along with all the new, we have never lost sight of the history that makes us special.

We have made significant progress.  Our streets and water lines are now catalogued and prioritized.  Trees are inventoried and maintained.  The lake is clean and its users are educated on keeping it that way.  We continue to support a volunteer fire department and maintain our own police protection.

Several local entities have built new structures, some in new locations.  We have been awarded grant monies toward restoration, public safety, and environmental objectives.  We have a fleet of talented Village staff and volunteer board and committee members.  We have an engaged and active community and an open government process.  The groundwork has been laid for progress.

We have attracted a tremendous opportunity with the proposed brewery project.  I think the reason for this, besides the owner’s love of this area, is that we are ready for it.  Not only have we laid the groundwork, we have taken a hard look at what we want, what we need, and how to make it happen. Opportunity knocked, and we were ready to open the door.

I am hopeful that we will not only be welcoming this project to the Village and reaping the numerous benefits, but that it will be the first of many. I would love to see smartly planned growth in the Route 20 gateways.  I would love to see families continue to choose Cazenovia as their home, and avail themselves of our local business, schools, and natural resources.

Obviously this will require private developers to step up and make heavy investments in our community, but this board has shown a willingness to think creatively and collaborate.  We are ready.

I am incredibly proud of my four years on the board.  The unique challenges of working on these dilemmas with a volunteer board under significant economic constraints have been demanding, rewarding, and fun.  Everything we have accomplished has been the result of collaboration, consensus, and creativity.  We have a diverse and dedicated group at the table with a rich supply of talent and skill.

I would be honored to continue my service and work toward this progress.  I would welcome your support on June 18.

Amy Weber Mann, Trustee, Cazenovia

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