Tenney: Assembly Dems budget proposal will continue to crush Upstate

Claudia Tenney

Claudia Tenney

A statement from Assemblywoman Claudia Tenney (R,C-New Hartford)

“Yesterday’s one-house budget signifies the Democrat’s relentless attack on the families, communities and businesses in Upstate New York. Each year Assembly Democrats obsess over progressive policies that damage Upstate New York’s business community,” said Assemblywoman Claudia Tenney. “Not only have the Democrats proposed a $5.6 billion tax increase without any form of mandate relief, they also want to provide free college tuition and health care to illegal aliens.

“In addition, a 67-percent increase to the minimum wage would devastate small businesses and family farms that must continue to compete for able employees over a government-subsidized workforce.

“Despite full restoration of the Gap Elimination Adjustment and increased foundation aid, I could not support this omnibus bill. The Assembly budget resolution continues funding the SAFE Act and violates the provisions of the state constitution that governs appropriations and revenues. Furthermore this plan would cut local agricultural assistance by over 50 percent while making it easier to cheat the welfare system.

“These policies are simply unacceptable, and I will not stand idly by as another secret, closed-door budget deal takes place. Instead of the harmful economic and social policies that the governor and his special-interest donors intend to dump on the people of New York, we need policies that promote a successful business climate and cut expensive taxes and burdensome regulations.”

2 comments to Tenney: Assembly Dems budget proposal will continue to crush Upstate

  • Cocoa Krispies

    You are completely unacceptable. You have no understanding of generational poverty. Some GOPs actually sad people who can’t afford insurance can just go to the ER. This flies in the face of preventive care to lower the cost since the ER is so costly. You and your GOP cronies only want to support the bill to claim a win. You have a complete lack of care and understanding of the plight of many Americans. You are a snob and a Trump clone. You do not deserve to be our representative.

  • She needs to be voted out…she’s another Russian supporter and doesn’t give a **** about middle class or Americans for that matter…she’s self-absorbed. She supports Trump & all his sexual assaults, obstruction, money laundering, prostitutes, lies, cheating, collusion and more! “VOTE THE RUSSICAN PARTY OUT THIS NOVEMBER!”

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