Oneida Police warn of scam using ‘National Grid’

Oneida police patchCasey C. Wallace, 23, of Phelps St., Oneida, was charged June 4 with second-degree criminal contempt in. He is alleged to have violated a court order.

Elizabeth Hydleberg, 30, of Williams St., Oneida, was issued a criminal summons June 4 for allegedly failing to answer parking tickets.

Patrick Pennise, 21, Pratt Dr., Oneida was issued an appearance ticket June 5 on a charge of unlawful possession of marijuana.

From Chief David Meeker: Oneida City Police have received reports of attempted scams involving a phone call in which the caller states that they are with National Grid and they will be turning off the person’s power unless the person sends money. Before giving out any information or sending money to any company or organization, always verify by calling the phone number that is listed with the phone company for the service or organization. There are apps and programs that can make it look like the call is coming from an organization and from an area where the company is headquartered that is ofter used by those perpetrating these scams.

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