Cazenovia Public Library to host Social Security retirement program

The Cazenovia Public Library is pleased to announce they will be hosting an educational workshop in conjunction with Retirement Solutions titled, “Making $ents of Social Security – Planning for a Comfortable Retirement,” for pre-retirees age 55 and older at 6:00 PM on Tuesday, February 28th.

Today’s baby boomers can expect to spend more time in retirement compared to previous generations. As a result, the timing of when to claim one’s Social Security benefits is no longer a simple decision. For many retirees and their spouses, taking the time to properly evaluate this important financial decision can be a major step towards a more comfortable retirement.

The program seeks to explore retirement from a time perspective as well as the impact of longevity in order to help attendees make a more informed decision before choosing when to claim their Social Security benefits. Topics covered include recent changes in legislation, why Social Security is crucial to women, avoiding frequent claiming mistakes and the best way to maximize benefits.

The workshop is open to the public and there is no cost to attend. Light refreshments will be served. Seating is limited. Please call (315) 735-5800 to RSVP.

*This program is for education purposes only. Retirement Solutions, LLC is not affiliated with, endorsed or approved by the Social Security Administration or any other governmental agency. Retirement Solutions, LLC does not provide tax, legal, or investment advice.

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