Miller issues statement on tax increase for STAR recipients

A statement from Assemblyman Brian Miller (R,I-New Hartford):

Brian Miller

“A couple of weeks ago I expressed my concern with some of the points in the governor’s budget proposal, specifically the freezing of savings for participants of the STAR Program, many of whom are seniors. Today, the Executive Deputy Commissioner for the State Department of Taxation and Finance Nonie Manion admitted that this action is, in fact, a tax increase. This is yet another attempt by government to take from struggling New Yorkers and line the state’s pockets and it must be stopped. I encourage all of my colleagues to take action and ensure that the freezing of STAR savings is not passed in the state budget, or through any other legislation.

“In addition, I believe an investigation should be launched to inquire as to why many of our residents have yet to receive their STAR rebate checks. The deputy commissioner had no answer when questioned on this issue. The level of disorganization within the Department of Taxation and Finance is concerning, to say the least.”

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