2017 Madison County Rabies Clinics Announced

The Madison County Health Department has announced its schedule of rabies vaccination clinics for 2017. The first clinic will be held March 29th at the Madison Fire Department, 7362 Route 20, from 5:00 pm-7:00 pm. Vaccinations are offered free to Madison County residents. Voluntary donations are appreciated to help defray clinic costs.

Proof of previous vaccination is required to qualify for a three-year certificate. All animals must be at least 3 months of age and properly restrained using a leash and collar, harness, cage or pet carrier.

Public health law requires all dogs, cats and ferrets to be vaccinated by 4 months of age. A second vaccination must be given within one year of the first, and pets must be actively immunized against rabies thereafter. This typically requires a booster vaccination every three years for dogs and cats, and annually for ferrets. Owners of any dog, cat or ferret not current with their rabies vaccinations are in violation of public health law, and subject to a fine of up to $200 for each offense.

Rabies continues to be a problem in New York State and in Madison County. This past week, a raccoon attacked an individual in the Town of Nelson. The raccoon tested positive for rabies, and the individual started rabies post exposure treatment. If you come in contact with a rabies suspect wild animal or possible exposure through a pet, report it to the Health Department. The Health Department will discuss the exposure with you to determine if treatment is necessary.

Note that rabies exposures may also occur from contact with a pet that has fought with a rabid animal.

Vaccinated animals that come in contact with a wild animal can receive a rabies booster within five days of exposure to be protected from the rabies virus.

Pet owners, who have an unvaccinated pet that comes in contact with a rabid or suspected rabid animal, must choose to either euthanize the pet or place the unvaccinated pet into strict quarantine for six months at the owner’s expense per current public health law. Avoid this decision by ensuring your dog, cat or ferret is up to date with its rabies vaccinations.

If you are bitten, scratched, or have contact with any animal you believe to be rabid, immediately wash the wound, seek medical attention if needed, and promptly report the incident to the Madison County Health Department at 366-2526.

For the complete list of rabies vaccination clinics, visit the Madison County website healthymadisoncounnty.org, search the Madison County, NY Facebook page, or call the Madison County Health Department at 366-2526.


  • All pets must be at least 3 months of age. Pets receiving their first rabies shot must get a booster within 1 year.
  • All pets must be restrained on a leash or in a pet carrier.
  • Proof of previous vaccination is required to qualify for a three-year certificate. Accepted forms of proof: (a) “Certificate of Vaccination” obtained from a veterinarian or Madison County Department of Health or (b) “Dog license” showing rabies expiration date.
  • Rabies vaccinations are offered free of charge to Madison County residents. A voluntary $5 donation per pet is requested to help defray clinic costs.


Madison Fire Department, 7362 Route 20, 5pm-7pm


Chittenango Fire Department, 417 Genesee Street, 9am-12pm

April 25

Earlville Fire Department, North Main Street, 5pm-7pm

MAY 16

Stockbridge Highway Garage, 5320 N. Main St (Route 46) Munnsville, 5pm-7pm


Wampsville Highway Dept., 139 North Court Street, 9am-12pm


Morrisville Agriculture Center, 100 Eaton Street, 5pm-7pm


Georgetown Highway Garage, Route 26, 5pm-7pm

July 25

Canastota Fireman’s Field, Hickory Street (across from Zem’s), 5pm-7pm


New Woodstock Fire Dept., 2632 Mill Street, 5pm-7pm


Wampsville Highway Dept., 139 North Court Street, 5pm-7pm


Bridgeport Fire Department, 427 State Route 31, 5pm-7pm


Oneida Vets Memorial Field, 260 North Main Street, 9am-11:30am

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