Griffo issues statement on state budget agreement

State Senator Joseph Griffo, R-Rome, released the following statement today concerning the State Budget agreement that was reached Friday between the Governor, Senate and Assembly:

While I remain somewhat frustrated and disappointed by how this year’s budget unfolded, there is no doubt that the items agreed to in this budget will touch the lives of many people across our state.

This budget promises to improve our roads, make college more affordable, protect our citizens from heroin and unhealthy water, provide the tax relief our middle class desperately deserves, help reduce burdensome costs on small businesses, allow Uber to provide affordable transportation upstate, and bring our schools one step closer to the full funding they need to educate our children.

There are many issues that will continue to confront our region and state, and we must remain committed to overcoming our political differences to always find common ground, but I am confident that this year’s budget will be a step in the right direction toward greater wellbeing and opportunity in the North Country, and beyond.

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