Madison County officials announced today at its Board of Supervisors meeting that the adopted New York state 2018 budget included $2.25 million in shared host community gaming revenue for gaming devices located in Madison County at the Oneida Indian Nation’s Yellow Brick Road Casino.

“I am very thankful to Gov. [Andrew] Cuomo for keeping his promise to me and the residents of Madison County and working diligently to ensure this revenue was included in the adopted budget,” said Board of Supervisors Chairman John M. Becker. “I would also like to thank Sen. David Valesky and Assemblyman Bill Magee for their continued support of this host community revenue during budget negotiations.”

“Gov. Cuomo followed through on his commitment to recognize Madison County as a host community and to provide an equitable distribution of revenue to the County now that it hosts casino gaming within its borders,” Valesky said. “I am very pleased we were able to get this done through the budget.”

Magee said the money will help compensate Madison County for the impacts on the community.

“This measure will help ensure Madison County gets its faire share of revenue to offset municipal costs of casino expansion and provide much-needed support for vital community services,” Magee said. “I am glad we came to an equitable agreement that helps Madison County with the costs of hosting a gaming facility, without negatively impacting taxpayers in the many communities I also represent in Oneida County.”

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