City of Oneida announces April regular, special meetings

The Oneida Common Council has released the agenda for its April regular meeting on the 18th and a special meeting on the 20th. Both meetings will be held at 6:30 p.m. at the Municipal Building, 109 N. Main St., Oneida, in the Common Council Chambers.


April 18, 2017


*Call to Order / Pledge of Allegiance / Roll Call


1. Pursuant to Oneida City Code Chapter 34, Article III, Unsafe Buildings – Adjourned from the 2/7/17, 2/21/17 and 4/4/17 meetings – 253 Linden Street. Declare Property a Public Nuisance



*Approval of minutes of the regular meeting 4/4/17

*Approval of Warrant No. 8

1. ADOPT LOCAL LAW NO. 2 OF 2017: Adopt Local Law #2 of 2017 to amend Chapter 34 of the City Code to establish a Vacant Building Registry and Maintenance Program. (Mayor)

2. CANVASS AND APPROVE BIDS: Canvass and approve bids for Pre-Demolition Buyout Asbestos Surveys. (Rauscher)

3. ADVERTISE FOR BIDS: Authorize the purchasing agent to advertise for bids for pipes, materials and hydrants for the Water Department. (Smolinski)

4. MONTHLY REPORTS: Receive and place on file the monthly reports from the Chamberlain, City Clerk, Comptroller, Director of Planning and Development, Fire Department, Housing Codes Enforcement, Recreation Department and Police Department, quarterly report from the Property Manager and the annual Activities Report from the City Clerk.

5. POLLING PLACES: Designate the polling places in the City of Oneida for 2017; Wards 1 & 2 at St. Paul’s United Methodist Church and Wards 3, 4, 5 and 6 at the Kallet Civic Center. (Pulverenti)

6. CNY WATER WORKS SUMMER MEETING: Authorize the Water Board Commissioners and Water Department employees to attend the annual CNY Water Works Summer Meeting and Product Display to be held at Hinerwadel’s Grove with the expenses to be paid by the Water Department. (Smolinski)

7. DECLARE PUBLIC NUISANCE: Declare 112 Madison Street a Public Nuisance in accordance with Chapter 34 of the City Code. (Bell/Fields)

8. APPROVE ELECTRICAL INSPECTOR: Per the recommendation of the Building Codes Enforcement Officer, authorize Northeast Electrical Inspections, LLC to be added to the approved list of electrical inspectors for the City of Oneida. (Rauscher/Baron)

9. RECREATION COMMISSION: Approve the Mayor’s appointment of Lori Barretta to the Recreation Commission. (Mayor/Griff)

10. SPECIAL EVENTS APPLICATION: Approve the Special Events Application from the Oneida American Legion for the Dr. Brod Citywide Litter Pickup. (Mayor)

11. DECLARE EXCESS PROPERTIES: Declare as excess properties the parcels at 221 Maple Drive, 518 W. Elm Street, and 140 Madison Street and therefore eligible for sale. (Stedman)

12. FIRE INSPECTION INVOICE: Authorize Invoice Number 22574 in the amount of $60 be rescinded and further authorize a new invoice for $30 be issued for the Fire inspection at 449 Elizabeth Street, as one apartment is now owner occupied. (Salerno)

13. BUYOUT WATER/SEWER ADJUSTMENT: Authorize the adjustment of two water/sewer accounts, one due to a missed billing at the time of the closing, and the other for an error in the check amount at the time of the closing of these Buyout properties. (Smolinski)


EXECUTIVE SESSION – Proposed acquisition, sale or lease of real property (Stedman)

April 20, 2017


*Call to Order / Pledge of Allegiance / Roll Call

*Call to Order / Pledge of Allegiance / Roll Call

1. Discussion relating to changes to Oneida Street, parking/proposed loss of parking spaces on Oneida Street with the Oneida Rail Trail Project.

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