Credit Union “fuels” area churches

CORE Federal Credit Union recently donated funds to area churches as a part of their “Funds for Fuel” program.  The program is designed to help churches defray a portion of their fuel and heating costs this past winter and spring.


The credit union tracked church members who established account relationships with CORE Federal Credit Union this spring and made donations back to each church based on that activity.

Over the past few years that the credit union has sponsored the “Funds for Fuel” program, they have donated nearly $16,000 to area churches.

Area churches received donations of varying sizes, including St. Mary’s of East Syracuse, which received a $300 donation from the program to help offset fuel costs.

“We realize the costs and challenges faced by churches today in ministering to their congregations and communities,” said credit union CEO Bill Sweeney, “and programs like this are one of the ways we try to reach out and give back to the groups we serve as a fellow not-for-profit organization within the community.”

CORE Federal Credit Union was established in 1959 and has offices in North Syracuse, East Syracuse, and Morrisville, as well as the three student-run credit unions in the ESM, North Syracuse and Morrisville- Eaton Central School Districts.

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