Historian seeks information on ‘mystery photos’

Sullivan Town Historian Mike Beardsley recently was presented with four photographs that were discovered in their barn by a couple from Chittenango Station.

“As is often the case, there was no provenance,” Beardsley said. “The only ‘clue’ we have is that they all appear to have been framed and matted by F.U. Fish in Canastota, perhaps around 1910-ish.”
Beardsley said he initially felt that the section crew photos were taken in Chittenango Station.

“But, my wife’s great-grandfather was a longtime railroad section worker there, and he is not in the photos,” Beardsley said. “My guess is that these four photos are somehow related, and may hail from the Canastota area.”

Enlargements of portions of this photo appear below.

In addition, Beardsley said the Gothic Cottage shown in one of the photos “is simply
spectacular,” but he doubts that it exists today or it would be easily identifiable.

“It is not the Gothic Cottage on Albany Street in Cazenovia,” Beardsley said. “Close, but not the same.”
Beardsley is hoping readers may be able to identify this family, the Gothic Cottage or the location where the railroad crew photos were taken.

“We’d be happy to reunite these photos with any surviving family members if anyone is out there,” Beardsley said.

For more information, call 315-345-5094 or email casketeer@aol.com.




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