Rally planned in New Hartford this afternoon

Constituents to ask Rep. Tenney to stop hiding Donald Trump’s tax returns; voters demand no tax breaks for Trump and 1 percent

Congress has the power to release Trump’s taxes whether he likes it or not, but so far Republicans have put up a united front to help Trump keep his taxes secret; 80 percent of Americans think that Trump’s taxes should be public including 64 percent of Republicans.

Local citizens will be asking that Rep. Claudia Tenney to sign the discharge petition requiring Trump to release his tax returns and to say no to Trump and the Republican’s Tax plan that will be one big give-a-way to the wealthy.

WHO: Concerned voters in New York’s 22nd Congressional District; Sponsored by the Central New York Citizens in Action, Inc. and other groups

WHAT: A rally/press conference in front of Congresswoman Tenney’s office. We will be demanding that Rep. Tenney take the necessary steps to release Trump’s tax returns and pass real tax reform that requires the rich and corporations to start paying their fair share of taxes.

WHERE: 555 French Rd, New Hartford

WHEN: Friday, May 19, at 4 p.m.

Without Trump’s taxes it is not possible to determine how proposed tax cuts might personally benefit Trump or his business. They would also help determine whether the president has any potential conflicts of interest or is subject to the influence of foreign governments like Russia. On April 15 there were more than 150 tax marches around the country including in New Hartford to demand Trump’s taxes. Democrats filed a discharge petition to force a vote on the Presidential Tax Transparency Act (H.R. 305), a bill by Rep. Anna Eshoo to require the sitting president and all future presidents

and presidential candidates to release their three most recent tax returns.

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