The New York State Association of Counties recognized Madison County for their efforts to improve worker safety and risk management.  Madison County earned NYSAC’s Pioneer Award at the Annual Meeting of the Public Employer Risk Management Association.

“We take great pride in our members’ commitment to professionalism, safety, and risk management,” said NYSAC President William E. Cherry, the Schoharie County Management Association, which provides workers’ compensation insurances for hundreds of local governments in New York State. Treasurer. “NYSAC chose Madison County as this year’s Pioneer because they exemplify these qualities.”

Madison County has a longstanding success with risk management, with a loss ratio of less than 30 percent and an experience factor of less than 0.9. This past year, the county initiated annual safety training and physical hazard audits for the 42 member municipalities in their workers’ compensation program.

“Leadership starts at the top, and Madison County Chairman John M. Becker and County Administrator Mark Scimone have shown a clear commitment to risk management,” said NYSAC Executive Director Stephen J. Acquario. “Importantly, Madison County trains its employees consistently and invests in safety to protect workers and reap lower losses down the line. These qualities make them the ideal winner of this year’s NYSAC Pioneer Award.”

PERMA is committed to helping municipalities improve worker safety so that employees can return to work or avoid being injured in the first instance. Its workers’ compensation and risk management programs recognize the impact that worker injuries can have on local governments, families, and local taxpayers.

“With hundreds of local government participants, PERMA is a great example of shared services in New York,” said Cherry.

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