LETTER: Supports Mosher, applauds problem-solving

To the Editor:

Thanks to Corey Mosher for coming up with a novel way to support the fight against the coronavirus pandemic. Corey recently set up a GoFundMe account “…to raise funds to purchase meals from local restaurants and offer those meals to the wonderful staff at Community Memorial Hospital in Hamilton…”

Thanks to […]

COLUMN: The Musings of a Simple Country Man

Hobie Morris Looking back with a smile

By Hobie Morris

“The past, the present, and the future are really one: they are today.” – Harriet Beecher Stowe

Although my adolescent years were spent in then hustling and bustling Utica, the lure of the countryside was ever present and simply irresistible as it has continued […]

COLUMN: The Musings of a Simple Country Man

Hobie Morris

How can good people become bad?

By Hobie Morris

“If you tell the people lies long enough, they will soon believe them as truth.” – Nazi Germany 1930s

 “The rebel is the person who says ‘no’.” – Albert Camus

It is a question that I am struggling to understand. There are so […]

LETTERS: Political primaries

Offers alternative to current primary process, scheduling

To the Editor:

A political primary is a preliminary election in which the registered voters of a political party nominate candidates for office [Editor’s note: Some states have ‘open primaries’ that allow any registered voter of any party to participate]. The key word here is preliminary.

The […]

COLUMN: The Musings of a Simple Country Man

Hobie Morris

Tree Rings, An Admiral’s Granddaughter, Hitler and Brookfield

By Hobie Morris

What follows is a true story with many unexpected twists – and circles!

Brookfield – a powerful wind and a mighty crash. A huge hard maple, weakened by age breaks and topples. Soon I begin the hard work of cutting and […]

COLUMN: From Here and Back Again

We need to declare war. Now.

We’re very accustomed to being at war. Scholars have found in our history there have been at most 18 consecutive years without being at war someplace for some reason. Most scholars go lower, sayings its five years. The difference comes in what counts as war; the Revolutionary War […]

Miller: State should cooperate when public safety is on the line

Assemblyman Brian Miller (R,I,C,Ref-New Hartford)

Assemblyman Brian Miller (R,I,C,Ref-New Hartford) issued the following statement:

“It is an alarming message New York state is sending by not being willing to cooperate with federal law enforcement agencies, like homeland security, if or when there are reasons for concern. Having personally met with these agencies, I have […]

Stirpe: Let’s celebrate the women who helped shape history and our communities

Assemblyman Al Stirpe

Since 1987, we’ve celebrated March as Women’s History Month as a way to honor the countless women who have triumphed over adversity, established themselves as cultural icons, and made their mark on the world. That’s why I’ll be hosting my 8th annual Women of Distinction Awards ceremony at the end of […]

GUEST COLUMN: Contact USDA Farm Service Agency now to enroll in key safety net programs by March 16

By Clark Putman

March 16 is the last day to make what is likely one of the most important business decisions you will make for your farming operation this year. If you have not already visited your local Farm Service Agency county office to make your election for either the Agriculture Risk Coverage or […]

LETTER: Thanks Madison County for Toys for Tots support

To the Editor:

I would like to thank all of Madison County for the support and participation in the 2019 Marine Corps Toys for Tots Campaign. Without the donations from citizens, the large and small businesses holding toys collections and toy drives, we could not have succeeded. 

This year, we provided toys to more […]

LETTER: Ombudsmen pivotal to quality care

To the editor:

As the Regional Coordinator for the NYS Long-Term Care Ombudsman Program at Resource Center for Independent Living, I routinely observe what many of us in society may have yet to experience; the inside of nursing homes and adult care facilities.

Too often, I see elderly residents struggle to navigate living […]

COLUMN: The Musings of a Simple Country Man

Hobie Morris

If you only had one shot

By Hobie Morris

It’s a cold early November morning. Snow covers the ground. Deer hunting season is beginning. Gun fire – the deer are alerted to danger.

A hunter carefully loads his weapon. He clicks on its safety. Slowly he walks through thick brush to a […]