Stirpe: Too many good jobs in CNY go unfilled

Assemblyman Al Stirpe

Ten years ago, the biggest problem in Central New York was lack of jobs. Today, it might well be the shortage of qualified employees. As chair of the Assembly Committee on Small Business, I speak to manufacturers and other local companies often. The greatest challenge they face is finding good candidates […]

COLUMN: A Confederate Yankee

Bill Mayers Coming home

By Bill Mayers

Gerald Bernard Raeymacker will be coming home. He’s been missing since 1950. His remains were identified Aug. 9, 2019. He was a sergeant in the 57th Field Artillery Battalion, Provisional Battery B, which featured the 105mm howitzer.

He went missing Dec. 6, 1950, during the battle at […]

COLUMN: A Confederate Yankee

Bill Mayers

El Paso massacre hits close to home

This one hits really close. I spent many a day there. Biggs Air Force Base. Fort Bliss. The Lincoln Street bridge over the Rio Grande, which was often mere puddles. I’d walk across that bridge to visit Ciudad Juarez, shopping for fine wines, cheap whiskey […]

COLUMN: The Musings of a Simple Country Man

Hobie Morris

The Folding Newspapers?

By Hobie Morris

“If we are to guard against ignorance and remain free, it is the responsibility of every American to be informed.” – Thomas Jefferson

Around the world, print journalism bleeds.  America’s Fourth Estate has plenty of company!

In England, 200 local newspapers have closed in the last […]

COLUMN: From Here and Back again

James Coufal Dissent, Protest and Patriotism

Many Americans proudly wave the flag of patriotism when they see dissent or protest they don’t agree with. This unthinking response often cuts off further discussion because it is considered the “show stopper,” the end, finé. Any perceived slight of our flag has this effect.

What follows are […]

The Musings of a Simple Country Man

Hobie Morris

I Wish I Had More Time

By Hobie Morris

I bet that you all have expressed a similar wish, especially at the tail end of a seemingly interminably long winter and a soggy, cool and mostly sunless spring.

Your life is on hold until the sun and warmth miraculously appear. Waiting to […]

COLUMN: The Musings of A Simple Country Man

The Musings of A Simple Country Man Hobie Morris

Where are They? An Unsolved Memorial Day Mystery

By Hobie Morris

Three hundred and nine U.S. Navy sailors vanished. These young men would never grow old; would never be honored in future Memorial Day celebrations. Most of them were too young to have wives or […]

GUEST COLUMN: On farms, every day is earth day

By Clark Putman, State Executive Director, New York Farm Service Agency; and Blake Glover, State Conservationist, Natural Resources Conservation Service

At USDA, we celebrate Earth Day 2019 by offering big thank-yous to farmers here in New York for all they do. Every day we see their efforts to conserve natural resources while producing food, […]

COLUMN: Musings of a Simple Country Man

He was a man amongst men: A true local February Civil War story

Hobie Morris

By Hobie Morris

For many years the handwritten letter is a treasured family keepsake. Then sadly it burned in a family farm house fire. The recipient of this letter is a Civil War soldier named Maurice Vaughan from this […]

UPDATE: My trooper has been identified

COLUMN: The Human Condition

012519 08:53 a.m.: After some sleuthing the past couple of days, Captain Michael Teneyck of Troop T out of Syracuse tracked down the the guy who stopped to help me earlier this week.

Thanks go to Trooper Dylan Goodrich and a friend who saw the post on Facebook and […]

COLUMN: A Confederate Yankee


It was not long after we arrived that we heard that the spot with the action was along Unter den Linden. So, of course, as soon as we got a bit of time off, we hounded the “old hands” who’d been there before us to guide us to that storied venue.

Several of […]

GUEST COLUMN: A Lucky Viet Nam Moment

By Harry Hood

In Viet Nam I was in a battalion recognizance platoon. I had no rank. I was not even a squad leader, as I remember. Thus, I really had very little or no knowledge of where and what the platoon was doing, where were we going, what area were we to work […]