Griffo issues statement on session just closed

State Senator Joseph Griffo, R-Rome, released this statement following the closure of today’s ‘extraordinary’ session:

“I am glad to report that I was able to secure a legislative package that I believe serves my district. When 300 jobs were on the line at Vernon Downs in the Mohawk Valley, we fought to ensure that this facility received the relief they needed to remain open and provide certainty for these families. We ensured that the many residents, businesses and municipalities in the North Country will receive the millions of dollars in assistance they need to recover from this season’s devastating flooding. And, we overcame resistance to provide local counties with the continuity they need to develop their budgets knowing a stable source of revenue will be available. While I am somewhat frustrated with the nature of the process and method by which this extraordinary session unfolded, by lumping too many issues together that could have been addressed some time ago, I am confident that the legislation we finally passed will meet the needs of our communities.”

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