Brindisi: Mohawk Valley Communities Qualify for Federal Assistance for Winter Storm Stella Damage

Assemblyman Says Areas Covered in the Declaration, Including Oneida, Herkimer, and Madison Counties Will Be Eligible For Federal Assistance For Storm Damage

Assemblyman Anthony Brindisi of Utica says President Trump today issued a Major Disaster Declaration for Oneida, Herkimer, Madison, and other upstate counties that suffered damage due to Winter Storm Stella March 14th and 15th of this year.  The order provides for assistance to municipalities for emergency work, and the repair or replacement of facilities damaged in the storm.

“This declaration means that municipalities that sustained damage from the storm will now be eligible to apply for federal assistance.  This storm caused damage to roads and bridges, and also significant overtime for municipalities for snow clearing and other actions that were necessary for the safety of the public, and it is good to know communities will be eligible for assistance,” Brindisi said.

Brindisi said he is still fighting for federal and state assistance for communities hit by the major flooding that occurred on July 1.

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