Tenney hosts manufacturing round table, unveils Renew NY-22 plan to restore economic opportunity in Upstate

Rep. Claudia Tenney

Congresswoman Claudia Tenney (NY-22) hosted a manufacturing round table at Revere Copper in Rome. Representatives from manufacturing facilities across the 22nd District attended the round table discussion including Brian O’Shaughnessy of Revere Copper, William Brown of TECT Power, Gregory Owens and Matt Roberts of Sherrill Manufacturing, Lou Callea of Raymond Corporation, Jim Nichols of Buckingham Manufacturing Co. Inc., Brian Reid of Indium Corporation, Stephen Flint of AIS Rome, Graham Brodock of Kris-Tech Wire, Cory Albrecht of MVCC, Fred Matt of F.X. Matt Brewing Company, John Kabot of Turbo Machined Products and Marge Davis of American Metal.

During the manufacturing round table, Rep. Tenney spoke with representatives from facilities across the district to learn more about the specific hardships and challenges facing job creators in upstate New York. They highlighted the need for tax and regulatory reform, infrastructure upgrades and the high cost of energy. Tenney also shared her personal experience and challenges in owning and operating her family’s manufacturing facility in Chenango County.

“Today, I had the opportunity to speak with local business leaders about the problems that have long had a direct bearing on the success and growth of the manufacturing industry in our region. One issue that came up repeatedly was the need for more skills training, which will increase the pool of qualified applicants that our local employers can tap into,” Tenney said. “Expanding career and technical education must be a priority in Washington. Just recently, the House of Representatives passed the bipartisan Strengthening Career and Technical Education for the 21st Century Act, but we must do more to improve the skills and qualifications of our workface. The feedback from today’s meeting will be vitally important in helping me craft meaningful legislation to help job creators grow and thrive in Upstate.”

Following the manufacturing round table, Rep. Tenney introduced Renew NY-22, a plan to create jobs, grow the economy and increase economic opportunity in upstate New York.

Throughout the month of August, Rep. Tenney will highlight aspects of her plan to Renew NY-22. This week, Rep. Tenney will focus on restoring economic opportunity. Rep. Tenney will speak with business owners and their employees, tour manufacturing facilities and meet with Chambers of Commerce to engage with local stakeholders in an effort to find innovative ways to generate economic growth.

“As the owner of a small manufacturing firm, I ran for Congress to fight for hardworking Americans who have been neglected for far too long and I understand firsthand the hardships that businesses throughout our region face on a daily basis,” Tenney said. “Our job creators in Upstate are struggling just to stay afloat. Throughout my time in Congress, it has been my top priority to provide a voice for hardworking families and small businesses while fighting to rebuild our communities. That’s why I’m introducing Renew NY-22, a plan to bring back jobs, create growth and certainty while increasing opportunity right here in upstate New York.”

For more on Rep. Tenney’s plan to Renew NY-22 visit www.tenney.house.gov/renewny22.

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  • Congress woman Claudia Tenny is a good friend of mine and; she has always practiced what she preached. she is a woman of character. She has lifted me up when I was down for the count and will represent the nation of the United States towards the destiny that your Lord and Savior desires. I claim Claudia as my Guardian Angel

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