Tenney issues statement on cost-sharing payments

Rep. Claudia Tenney

Calls on the President to fund Cost Sharing subsidies and on Congress to ensure they are subject to oversight and annual appropriations in the future  

Congresswoman Claudia Tenney (NY-22) released the following statement regarding cost sharing subsidies under the Affordable Care Act:

“The ACA has failed to create a robust and comprehensive individual market that drives down costs and increases choices for consumers. While Americans deserve better, until they have it, we should not take actions that would further destabilize an already fragile and failing individual market. President Trump should fund the Cost Sharing subsidies to bring certainty to insurers and to keep prices from skyrocketing even more than they already are under this law. In the future, these payments should be brought under congressional oversight and subject to the annual appropriations process, as they should have been from day one.”

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